Our Terms & Conditions

  • Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that you understand them before placing an Order.

  • We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. We may also change the Terms from time to time and it is the current version which will apply to each Order when you place it. You should check this page regularly. The changes will appear on the Site and will be effective when we post the changes.

  • For any loss or damage of garment, the compensation amount shall not be greater than 10 times the invoice value for that garment. Please note that we provide free wash credits only against compensation.

  • By creating an account with us, you provide us consent to send you informational & promotional messages as a part of our business operations.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your order or part of it in case we are unable to fulfill it for any reason. In such situation, we shall update you through mail, call or any other communication means available to us.

  • We hold the sole discretion to amend the prices any time. However price change will not affect the orders booked prior to the price change.

  • We shall not be liable for any damage to the article/ garment for which we have communicated the risk prior to the processing during pre spotting and inspection.

  • It shall be completely your responsibility to ensure the suitability of article/garment for machine/ dry cleaning.

  • We urge you to thoroughly check all the items for hazardous objects like coins, pens, keys, cuff links, makeup swabs etc. as we hold no responsibility for any abject lost or damaged during cleaning process.

  • Company is not liable for color bleed in laundry. You are advised not to give clothes that may bleed color in laundry. However you may give it for dry-clean.

  • We separate the clothes into lights and darks but shall not take the onus if there is any color bleed or color transfer during the cleaning process.

  • Its our policy that all orders to be collected within 15 days of due date failing which we are bound to charge storage fee@ 12% per month. Also One Click Clean shall not hold any responsibility for clothes beyond 90 days of delivery date.

  • We earnestly request our customers to count the clothes at the time of delivery and inform the delivery executive at the very moment as One Click Clean shall not be liable for any claims thereafter.

  • We do not have any credit policy hence the invoice amount has to be paid at the time of delivery in full and final.

  • Embroidered Saree / Lehenga / Gown dry clean cost may go up from 199 for members after the inspection at plant.
    Rs. 199 rates are for regular Lehenga / Saree / Gowns etc. 

  • Dry Clean of Shoes at Rs. 99 are for canvas shoes, articles like leather / suede shoes dry clean price will be decided after inspection.

  • One Click Clean is committed to delivering smiles and shall keep the words.