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What is dry cleaning of clothes?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Technically speaking, clothes drycleaning is anything but DRY! Rather the process uses liquids other than water. So primarily no water used in clothes drycleaning as the presence of water may damage delicates such as wool, leather and silk and even cleaning in washing machine can also play havoc on sequins, motifs and laces. And so here your saviour defines clothes dry cleaning for you. To make you understand the process in simple steps we will tell you how we go about clothes dry cleaning. It has the following steps that is inspecting the article, Pre spotting, drycleaning, post spotting and finishing touches.

Here we go :

Inspecting the article : This first step deals with examining clothes for stains, missing buttons, zippers or tears etc. Also the dry cleaner creates a tag for the item. The articles are also checked for items left in pockets and the problems areas are noted down for issues known prior to clothes drycleaning.

Pre spotting: It deals with applying chemical solvent, vacuuming or heat to stains on the articles. As the clothes from different customers are cleaned together, tagging ensures the clothes are never mingled and are returned safely to you.

Clothes drycleaning: Here your clothes are being taken to clothes drycleaning facility and put into machines where they are now being cleaned with a water free chemical solvent. The gentle agitation of the solution results to lose dirt. Now spinning of the machine helps in removing extra solvent and warm air dries the clothes.

Post spotting: The above clothes drycleaning process works very well in removing oil based stains. The cleaning team now inspects for the remaining stains and they are then treated with steam, water or vacuum.

Finishing : Here comes our favourite part as now your clothes look amazing and presentable after getting ironed for wrinkles and getting necessary repairs. They are nicely folded, packed and returned to you in attractive packaging.

Understanding clothes drycleaning process made so easy and simplified for you. Are you interested in giving it a shot! We are just a click away !! Stay happy and cheerful and do fix your slot with our customer care executive today.


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