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What is better : Dry Cleaning or laundry ?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Pondering over opting the right process on washing to get the best benefit ? So before deciding to go for dry cleaning service or availing laundry services that is wet cleaning of your clothes, you must be aware of limitations and benefits of each process as well as your garment. Are you unsure? Our team shall give you the professional advice hence apprising you with the aspects of dry cleaning services and laundry services.

Dry cleaning service Vs Laundry service

Best suitable for delicates

Dry cleaning services are utilised best when the fabric is silk, wool, velvet, sequins, motifs and other delicate and expensive clothes as the cleaning is milder as compared to grating instigator of laundry machine.

Safeguards the material

Dry cleaning protects the fragile texture from contracting and keeps the colour intact as there is no colour bleed or shrinkage of expensive clothes with embroidery, embellishments, Swarovski, leather trim or studs which may cause issues and can be washed away with routine laundry service if not dealt tenderly.

Modus Operandi

Garments are rinsed with chemical solvent when sent for dry cleaning services which helps in removing stains and grease whereas traditional wet laundry services involves immersion of clothes in water along with usage of cleaning agents like soaps, detergents or softeners.

Check labels

Many articles labelled ‘Dry clean only’ are to be send for dry clean service only. Labels which are sewn in the seam inside clothes contain all information about the fabric washing instructions.

Your dark denim may also contain the same label to prevent fading.

Tender on Expensive items

If the garment is made of leather, suede, has a special finish and have a stabilising finish to help them hold their shape then its certainly case for dry clean service as the water will ruin it. Also the garments which are difficult to iron due to lots of pleats or tucks and you need it be crisp each time you wear ? You have the answer with you.

Colour bleed

Does your favourite dress transfers dye when it gets wet? At the same if you are unsure of other fabrics as whether to be send for dry clean service or can be treated with laundry? You can test the colour fastness by wetting a cotton swab with plain water and rub it on an inside seam or hem. If there is colour on the swab, it apparently needs dry cleaning service.

Hope this quenches your thirst for information on drycleaning and laundry. Want to try our services and know more? Call our customer care for free pick and delivery.

Happy drycleaning


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