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What happens if you wash a ‘dry clean only’

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Are you tempted at times to wash ‘dry clean only’ clothing and other upholstery at home?

Well! This might play havoc and prove to be an expensive faux pas. Its imperative to read and follow the care instruction labels on your garments. The manufacturers attach these labels so that the consumers know how to do the wash care. You may find the label ‘Dry clean Recommended’ which means washing as recommended should not damage the garment, but for best results, dry clean. So what might happen if you wash a ‘dry clean only’ garment?

Oneclickclean hereby shares some potential risks:


The garment could shrink beyond imagination. The delicate drapes if washed at home can even shrink to half their size.

Lose shape:

The garments like woollens majorly might stretch out of shape.

Colour bleed

The biggest threat of washing a ‘dry clean only’ at home is that the colours may fade or bleed as the dye bleeds easily and could ruin the garment specially the delicates which are not colourfast.


Accumulation of lint and hence pilling occurs which ruins the appearance of garment completely. Drycleaning on the other hand prevents pilling.

Washing is harsh

Drycleaning on the contrary is tender and gentle process on beads, sequins and laces and professionals know how to protect these delicate trimmings.

Still quizzed? Leave your doubts to us and minimise the risk of damage.

Quickly leave your details on the website and we will recommend you the best method for cleaning.

So no wrinkles! Only Dimples !!


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