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Is there any alternative to dry cleaning?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

We at oneclickclean ask the industry experts, quiz our friends, scour the web, and then infer results from our personal experience before bringing the answers straight to you. Here we are to help you.

The ‘dry clean only’ material like wool or silk can be put in a mesh bag which helps to reduce the abrasion. Also washing them is warm water and on delicate cycle helps. There is no need to make them go through full cycles to prevent them from tumbling for long. For instance, your blazer or shrug could just need few minutes of swirl and so the shoulder pads or lapels should not be subjected to a beating. We recommend this over hand washing as you can’t just spend your whole time in hand washing or if you are working, your weekends are meant to do a lot of outdoor chores and giving and spending time with family is important. Also, when washing silk or rayon, turn it inside out so if it pills, it pills on the inside.

We just wind up here with this short tip adding that preventive care do helps! Wearing an additional item of clothing under the fabrics that normally require dry cleaning protects the other item from sweat stains and body odour. However, it does not protect against exterior stains. This technique works particularly well with sweaters.

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