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Is dry cleaning healthy?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

When you send your clothes to the cleaners, does it smells awful? They are not clean it means. They are sans dirt but then the smell? It’s the harmful chemicals which are apparently not healthy. Choosing your dry cleaner wisely is the right option. Ask your dry cleaner about the chemicals used. Read the reviews, be apprised and then decide. Are you thinking if there any healthier options?

Yes we at oneclickclean are going to introduce to you the healthy options which are available. There is a fuss about the word ‘green’. Should you use ‘green’ dry cleaners in India? Our reply is affirmative. But do check and ask about the process as the reputable dry cleaners are upfront about the cleaning agents they use. Usage of liquid silicone is safe to skin. Liquid silicone is the principal ingredient in many shampoos and lotions. Liquid silicone when released to the environment, it breaks down into sand, trace amounts of water and carbon dioxide and cleans effectively but gently that is without stinking up your clothes. Similar eco friendly and viable alternatives are safe for humans and environment and use ultra mild detergents with minimal stress on garments. Another better option is usage of pressurised liquid carbon dioxide.

Keep reading, Stay healthy


Team oneclickclean

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