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How to dry clean your couch?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Oh lord! You spent your lifetime savings to bring this comfortable, fancy and shiny sofa for your living room and now it looks dirty as hell. So are you also thinking how to dry clean the sofa or couch especially when it comes with a tag saying ‘dry clean only’

We have got you covered. Here are few couch dry-cleaning tips you would love to learn for a quick dry cleaning at home.

Let’s start with removing any cushions you have on your sofa or couch. Apply some baking soda in even and thin layer on the couch. Ensure that the layer is not very thick else it will be difficult to remove later. Leave the baking soda on the couch for at least 15 minutes let it absorbs any odors or spills.

Vacuum clean Use the soft brush of your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles and lint from the couch and pull the brush from inside of sofa to outward.

Second step is to use a chemical based spray or cleaning agent to remove stains or dirt spots from the couch. Just spray and leave the couch for 15 minutes or as directed by the chemical manufacturer. Generally, usage instructions are written on the packing in a fine print.

In case there are still some spots on the couch, wipe it away using a white or light-colored absorbent towel. While these clothes are usually used on clothing, you can also use them to clean your sofa or mattress. It is better to first test using the couch dry-cleaning cloth on the corner of the sofa or couch fabric which is not visible from front to find out how the cloth is behaving with sofa fabric.

Air dry Use a clean cloth to mop the mattress of sofa and then let the sofa/mattress air dry in a warm location. Prefer to dry the sofa mattress in a shade as direct sunlight can affect the fabric adversely. Let it dry completely before using it. If required, you can use a clean sponge for soaking any excess water you find on the sofa/mattress.

Placing a fan around the mattress of couch helps fasten the couch drying process. It is important that you do not use any steam or heat on the sofa as it could make the mattress shrink, permanently discolor the fabric or leave the fabric permanently wrinkled.

Cleaning tips To ensure your sofa always remains clean and tidy make sure the living room has some direct light and air else it absorbs humidity from air and starts to smell bad. Also, make sure to dry your sofa with a fan when your kids or guests spill water or any other liquid. In case of a wet stain, you can use baking soda or talcum powder immediately to absorb the stain

Last of all, it is always better to hire a professional for complete care of your expensive couch. offer the sofa and couch dry cleaning service at a very reasonable rates and leave you with a smile.

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