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How to clean shoes at home?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Your shoes are your best companion. They make you feel confident out on the streets, playing arena, pitch, in wilderness, muddy puddles or the mountains.Taking care of them will help them perform longer only if you know how to keep your shoes clean. Shoe dry cleaning service can also be availed but here we will share few DIY so that you are acquainted with methods to clean them at home. How to clean shoes apparently depends on their material. Hence categorising them for your ease of understanding:

Leather shoes

Clean debris simply by wiping a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar over the stains.

Rub them later once they are dried with a soft piece of cloth. Buff away those unpleasant scratches with wet cloth dipped in baking soda until it gleams and later wipe them off nicely.

Patent leather shoes

Those unsightly marks on your patent leather flats or heels can be rubbed off easily with some petroleum jelly using a cotton swab. For that glitzy shine spritz on drops of glass cleaner and see that sheen.

Suede and sheepskin

Its weekend already and you missed calling shoe dry cleaning service for your pair of suede for party tonight ? This hack shall come to your rescue. Use a scrub brush to remove the surface dirt. Scrubbing hard with a white eraser also works. The stubborn stains can be shovelled by rubbing white vinegar on the dirt spot.

Canvas shoes

Quickly wipe off the dirt with a clean toothbrush. Make a paste with equal parts of baking soda and water and scrub it onto shoe soles.Canvas can be washed in your reliable washing machine provided the water is cold. Just add some detergent, let it mix and let your shoes swirl in almost three quarter water.

Oneclick tip Do not use dryer or vent and let your shoes air dry as dryer could shrink your shoes.

We recommend sending canvas to shoe dry cleaning service once bimonthly to retain its shine.

We sure hope these simple tips shall come handy when you need to maintain your precious and favourite pair at home apart from professional shoe dry cleaning service and nail it right.

Stay happy, Stay cheerful

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