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How to clean drapes or curtains?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Curtains absorb dust so easily. The lighter shade they are, the more prone they will be to dust and dirt. True! Not a good sight to sit around dirty drapes. But there is health concern too. Kids and elderly have low immunities and can fall prey to allergies from dust.

The asthmatic get wary too of the severe consequences raising from dirty drapes. The solution? Sending them to professionals in curtain dry cleaning sorts the situation. Curtain dry cleaning by professionals is safe and works the best. Curtain dry cleaning may be the only option for some premium fabrics, some can be washed in a clothes washer, others can be brushed and vacuumed to remove muck and grime. But many house holds still prefer washing it at home to save on pocket. So what are the options for cleaning drapes without bearing the expense of curtain dry cleaning ?

The difference here is created by the material and texture of the curtain. Let’s find out how : Cotton Drapes and curtains made with cotton can be hand washed or machine washed easily provided they are unlined. Synthetics Solvents used in curtain dry cleaning may degrade them. So they should be hand or machine washed. Silk They are generally delicate, oneclickclean recommends getting it clean by experts in curtain dry cleaning. But if you want to wash them at home, you may hand wash them with mild dish washing soap gently. Hang to let them dry. Curtains with stitched pleats, wool and cashmere Always get them dry cleaned. As there is potential risk of shrinkage of seams if hand washed in case of pleats. Sheers Needs to be cleaned more often being fragile and more prone to dust. Soak them in cold water in mild detergent. Dry them in a dryer with two soft terry cloth towels Oneclick tips +Do vacuuming regularly +Use a brush attachment on vacuum +Read the wash care instructions given on your drapes +Remove all pins, hangers, and other hardware from your drapes before washing. +Give your drapes a gentle shaking as you draw them closed each night. Keep reading , Stay cheerful Team Oneclickclean

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