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How do you make dry cleaning solution at home?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Many a times people fuss about ‘dry clean only’ garments and they either tend to not buy such garments or do not wear often because of the costs and chemicals associated with professional dry cleaning. Though occasional hand wash is also permissible under controlled environment for dry clean only items but if the reading label says ‘dry clean only’ it apparently needs a special treatment to keep your clothes fresh and clean. The homemade dry cleaning solutions are not only cost effective and safe but they perk up special delicates and keep them sharp and crisp.

This one will really sway you away. It’s a wonderful eco friendly method which is light on your wallet too.

Wheat Bran-Based dry cleaning solution

Step 1

Mix a cup of wheat bran with white vinegar and make a completely chemical-free solution. You should add the vinegar one drop at a time until the wheat bran binds together in a large clump.

Step 2

The garment to be cleaned are to be kept in a dry pillowcase. Add the wheat bran clump and fold over the opening of the pillowcase. Now shake the pillowcase vigorously for a minute or two so the wheat bran makes contact with the entire garment.

Step 3

Remove the garment from the pillowcase and shake off any excess wheat bran.

And you are done folks. Team oneclickclean is there is remove all your cleaning woes in just a click.

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