How do we dry clean ?

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We all are aware that dry cleaning is a professional cleaning service which is really a saviour with your delicates as when you wash clothes at home in the washing machine, water is the solvent used to do the cleaning. Many fabrics do not handle water such as wool, silk and water just do not mix. And so water cannot wipe all stains. This process is called ‘dry cleaning’ because no water is used in the process. However, dry cleaning is not technically 'dry'. When you send your clothes to us, we first pre-treat any stains with a chemical agent, very similar to how you treat stains before washing at home. After this, the garments are placed in a machine which rotate and move the clothes around in a similar way. Then liquid solvent such as perchloroethylene is sprayed all over the clothes as they are agitated. Your clothes are washed in this solvent, and then the solvent is recovered in an extractor so it can be reused (and so that it does not evaporate into the air and cause pollution). Once the clothes are cleaned, they are pressed so they look like new.

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