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Does dry cleaning removes odour ?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

If you sweat a lot, such as if you suffer from anxiety or live in a country like India where all zones have extreme weathers. In such cases, the fact that you are likely to end up with clothes that have an odour even after you have them washed might make you more self-conscious, and this can quickly erode any self-confidence you might have had. For this reason, it is usually very important to make sure that you pay attention to this very important issue when you are thinking of ways of cleaning your clothes.

But when you received your clothes back this time from your cleaner, did they smell of odour? The fact behind is that dry cleaning is a water less process that does not removes odours as readily. And your garments may smell of smoke, mould and even the Hugo Boss which you spray every day while you leave for work. Part of the reason for this is that odours are usually compounds that are based on fats and oils, and some of the dry cleaning agents might not be able to remove them. This is why you might have your clothes dry cleaned, but then find out later that they still smell of sweat even though they look visibly cleaned. So it just becomes imperative to mention the cause of the odour while bringing clothes to the cleaner so that it can be removed.

Oneclickclean tip : Choose dry cleaner near you wisely again is the key. We would take sweat, grime and dirt odours any day!

Alternative methods of cleaning the clothes

You may try other cleaning modalities like hand washing the fabric to ensure that the odour is removed, you might need to gently hand wash the clothing in some warm water if need be. The use of scented soaps will help, as will the use of a fabric conditioner after the cleaning.

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