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Does dry cleaning “Really” cleans ?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

We are well aware of the dry cleaning process that it does not uses water for cleaning instead it uses solvents to clean fabrics. Do you sometimes get the gut feeling that your dry cleaner did not clean it and you do not trust the process! Though you rather perceived it to be neat, clean and absolutely stain free. So the first thing first is choose your dry cleaner wisely and look for the reviews and services when you seek for a professional dry cleaner.

But at Oneclickclean we feel that a customer needs to understand that there is a difference in dry cleaning versus laundering. And we too feel that the work speaks itself.

The Oneclickclean mantras to ponder :

1.We try hard on hard stains

It depends to the fabric type, colour fastness and nature of the stain. Our experts at oneclickclean are well equipped to identify and remove stains and we use guidance from leading industry professionals however no dry cleaner should promise you every kind of stain removal.

2. Clothes do shrink

There is a little possibility of shrinkage if the cloth is shrink prone and has not been preshrunk or treated well during manufacturing.

3. Wash care labels may not be correct always

They are generic labels and the manufacturers never test garments while the care labels are attached. So it becomes our onus to make sure we segregate the clothes properly and send the delicates for drycleaning even if not mentioned.

4.Dry cleaned clothes lasts long

No where shall you find when you research that dry cleaned clothes wear out faster. Its rather the contrary which says the failure to have a ‘dry clean’ only garment professionally cleaned may shorten the life span.

5. The Eco friendly options are best

One such example is Green earth dry cleaning which is little expensive but at the same time gentle on clothes. The colours stay bright even after repeated washes. We at oneclickclean use the petrochemical solvents which are tender on clothes as well as nature.


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