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Does dry cleaning kills bacteria?

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

We are prone to so many microorganisms as we use enormous range of fabrics in day to day life. Right from intimate wear to bed sheets which is the breeding ground of bacteria grown from dead skin cells, dirt and dust. Even the curtain being called the lungs of the house catch so much of muck and so the linen and upholstery in our homes, offices and social environment.

A common impression is that drycleaning is a germicidal process and can be used as a disinfectant for fabrics. Oneclickclean affirms with the statement as various stages in drycleaning process reduces the number of bacteria. But if you are cleaning it in washing matching, there are more chances that one contaminated item will spread the germs to 90% of the other items. Washing separately also doesn’t helps much as the microorganisms stay alive inside the machine’s washer even after the wash is complete and the clothing is taken out.

It was recently even in a study that majority of the house hold washing machines were tested positive for the coliform bacteria which not even the hottest temperature of water wash can eradicate. Then? The big question is how!! How do we get rid of bacteria from fabrics?

The dry cleaning process and its dryer is the answer to the query. Drycleaning tackles the most harmful microorganisms. We at Oneclickclean use special chemicals to help get the dirt removed ad the strong heat in the dryer does it for the germs! The steaming procedure not only eases wrinkles but also effectively kills bacteria. We use the high heat steaming procedures which are safe way to get rid of germs from fabrics. The process works when the steam reaches deep inside the fabric, it kills bacteria. The high temperatures such as 200-220 degrees F inside steamer is strong enough to get rid of germs. As the process reaches its final stage of pressing, the finishing process again uses high heat of 300 degrees F to steam press the fabric which further kills the bacteria.

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