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Can you wash a dry clean only clothes at home?

I washed my Bottle green jumpsuit in washing machine and it bled after it went for a warm water swim, I could never wear it again. Do you too have a sob story about a favourite item of ‘dry clean only’ clothing that got ruined when it went through the washer, either accidentally or purposely? Now don’t brood as it was before you knew that there is a right way to wash a ‘dry clean only’ at home.

You can wash them at home only if you know the right way to wash them. Also the manufacturers tag them so that they are dealt tenderly and with care. We at oneclickclean are always there to your rescue.

Read the label

Always check the tag before you wash. It will tell you what fibre the garment is made from and show you symbols that explain how to care for it.

• Cotton

• Linen

• Wool

• Polyester

• Nylon

• Acrylic

Do a Spot Test

It is mandatory to do such a test for colourfastness. You may find a patch inside a seam to do the test for fabrics like silk.

Hand wash

If you are planning a hand wash, water should be cold and use a mild detergent. Few drops of your baby’s shampoo like ‘No tears’ will come handy here and shall be kind to your clothes. Now drain the soapy water out, refill the basin for a cold water. Rinse and press out the suds till the water is clear.

Machine wash

Again use cold water and delicate or wool cycle and put your clothing into separate mesh bag. You may pop selective delicates in washing machine.Select wool cycle, put them in a mesh bag and for drying don’t put in a dryer. Instead laying them on dry towel and rolling them inside is good. They can be later laid flat to dry.

Wasn’t this simple? Stay tuned with us for more such simple ideas.

Be Simplified, stay blissful

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