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Can you do drycleaning at home ?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I love wearing overcoats, cotton pants, cashmere sweaters, suave pullovers and shrugs which please my sensualities. Yes! I love being a diva !! ? You too can indulge in dresses, get cosy and wear those colourful attires like never before!! Are you concerned about going to the dry cleaner every week for refreshing the wardrobe? Don’t you worry as oneclickclean shall be sharing some tips which helps to do drycleaning at home and it won’t be heavy on your wallet too.

Cotton, linen, durable polyester They can easily be washed in washing machine provided you place them in a laundry mesh bag and wash them at most gentle cycle with a mild detergent and cold water. Oneclick tip : Hang them immediately and do NOT place them in the dryer. Wool, silk and cotton You may hand wash them with mild detergent. Oneclick tip: Dry them by rolling the garments between two layers of clean towels. Later lay them flat on another clean towel. Oneclick top tip : Our experts recommend some clothing material are only to be ‘Dry cleaned’. All delicates like fur, suede, velvet and those including motifs or beadwork are dry clean only stuff. Happy Dry cleaning Team Oneclickclean

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