How do we dry clean ?

Interested to know more about drycleaning? Here are some insights

Is dry cleaning healthy?

When you send your clothes to the cleaner, does it smells awful? They are not clean it means. Read on to know more about healthy drycleaning

When should a suit be dry cleaned ?

The fair sex is attracted to men in suits. True!! It speaks about your persona and has a lot to do with the aura of self confidence. Read on

How to clean drapes or curtains?

Cotton, Synthetic or Silk, We know you love your curtains. Let's also learn how to clean them at home easily.

Can you do drycleaning at home ?

Our experts recommend some clothing material are only to be ‘Dry cleaned’. All delicates like fur, suede, velvet should be dry cleaned only

What is dry cleaning services?

Dry cleaning is a cleaning process which is anything but DRY. Used for clothing and textiles and uses chemical solvent other than water.

Does dry cleaning kills bacteria?

The big question is how!!  How do we get rid of bacteria from fabrics? The dry cleaning process and its dryer is the answer to the query.

How to dry clean your couch?

Here are few tips on how to dry clean your expensive couch even if there are spills and spots on it

How do you wash curtains at home?

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How to clean shoes at home?

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